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When writer, philosopher, and musician Vincent Frank De Benedetto moved into the then-quiet community of [pending publication], he couldn't have known that he had inadvertently stepped into a Hell of neighbor narcissism, social and moral incompetence, and cruelty that would ultimately claim the life of his beloved Father, and almost his Mother and himself. A key offending element in Mr. De Benedetto's neighborhood, though not the only one, has been unnecessary, overwhelming, and interminable noise (book link below), and the obtuse and cavalier, that is, unthinking and uncaring, deportment of those producing it, and permitting its production.

As the depth of transgression and the fact and gravity of consequent pain became increasingly clear, real, overwhelming, and persistent, Mr. De Benedetto resolved to document his experiences, as a way of coping, and a powerful pedagogical tool to help prevent such behavior everywhere, and indeed provide a long-term assist in the moral revolution that he already knew was needed. Thus far in its history, Humankind hasn't yet found, nor ever really sought, a way to avoid the perpetual conflict that occurs at every level, and indeed thus far largely defines us. At the local level where most of us reside, an untold number of people experience conflict with their next-door or nearby neighbors that they haven't been given the tools to resolve, resulting in pain in one or more forms. Most extreme and unfortunate are the neighbor-murders-neighbor events that periodically characterize the news, though thousands, perhaps millions, more suffering persons injure their offending neighbors in less extreme ways, from persistent rudeness to low-level acts of vandalism or criminal mischief, while many exact no discernible revenge, but simply live debilitated lives because of continuing tension and conflict with offending, insensitive neighbors. Tension that never does, or, according to Mr. De Benedetto, can, get resolved in a world based not on Love, properly understood, the most powerful social force available to Humankind, but on a pernicious symbiosis of profit and ego.

When published, study Mr. De Benedetto's story, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH, one such narrative, to understand this pathological dynamic, said understanding so critical for redress and correction in this age of terror, and errant and easily compromised and breakable military, consumer, computing, medical, and social technologies. In fact, observes Mr. De Benedetto, human behavior in the local community and the weak system of morality that informs it, is no different than that in the global community, making the social, and with the final reality of nuclear war periodically in the headlines, existential import and implication of this work categorical and clear.

With its counterpart volume LOVE ETHIC (book link below), and Mr. De Benedetto's other supporting work in various media forms treating the same themes, NEIGHBORS OF DEATH is clearly among the most important writing of the 21st Century.


External indication of fidelity to theological principal is problematic and unreliable in this neighborhood, and, of course, everywhere. For example, it appears that certain of the residents in Mr. De Benedetto's neighborhood, principally Orthodox Jewish, rather than exercise both their humanity and theology by cooperating in the amelerioration of pain, most of which they, themselves, have caused, and in doing so elevate themselves, appear despicably to be conspiring to coax him to sell his family home, thereby attempting to simply eliminate what they see as the "problem," and in so doing further illustrate that they are, in fact, deeply dishonorable and hypocritical individuals.

Even Mr. De Benedetto's large placard permanently displayed in his front window presenting the profound and important words of Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr. on the subject of LOVE, doesn't appear to elicit sensitivity and solicitude or otherwise influence behavior.



NOISE: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide



"Love, Properly Understood, is the Most Powerful Social Force Available to Humankind."

© 2019 Vincent Frank De Benedetto


NEIGHBORS OF DEATH is a nonfiction book under development, comprising part two of a multipart multimedia project by writer and philosopher of Love Vincent Frank De Benedetto.

It's companion volume, also under development, is LOVE ETHIC.

Both works may ultimately find release as a single tome. The finished work may include source material, variously, such as real names and photographs of transgressors featured and discussed in the book.

The Pernicious Force Of Nonlove that Puts the Division in Subdivision